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It is a kingdom of conscience or nothing

What man is a man who does not make the world better?

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Birthdate:Jan 21
I'm a 35 year old Historian, net-lover and family girl, you can say I'm a Mom girl.
I love History, anime, Romance novels, comics, Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings (Legolas it's so cute!!!! ^^, and Aragorn, and Frodo and Boromir, and everyone ^^), The Phantom of the Opera, The Labyrinth, The Batman, oh Christian Bale, Smallville, great story and totally amazing actors ;), Prince Caspian, White Collar!! , oh I love so many things... I'm a fangirl at heart.
I wish I was a writer, but since I don't have that luck I'm a reader ^^ and an eager one :). Reading has always been my passion and since I discovered fanfiction I have been even happier, the only thing is when I can't find new stories, so... feel free to send links ;). Lately I have been making videos, of several fandoms, and I even write a little bit, really little of poetry :D

Interests (144):

"irulan corrino", amanda quick, anakin skywalker, angel and willow, anime, anne boleyn, anne of green gables, balian, batman, batman begins, batman fanfiction, books, bourne, bourne identity, bourne supremacy, bourne ultimatum, bruce wayne, captain tsubasa, card captor sakura, caspian x, ccs, children of dune, chlark, chloe sullivan, chlois, christian bale, chronicles of narnia, chruce, clamp, clamp campus detectives, clark kent, clark/chloe, comics, cowco, daily planet, days of our lives, dc comics, dean winchester, disney, dune, enchanted, equilibrium, eragon, everwood, ewan mcgregor, fan fic, fanfic, fanfiction, fanvideos, friends, fushigi yugi, gerard butler, gosford park, gotham, grey's anatomy, harry potter, harry/hermione, het fiction, hikaru ichijo, hikaru/lantis, history, house md, hugh jackman, icons, irulan, jane austen, japanese animation, jason bourne, jem and the holograms, jensen ackles, josh groban, julia quinn, kal-el, kingdom of heaven, labyrinth, lantis/hikaru, league of extraordinary gentlemen, legolas, lisa hayes, lord of the rings, lotr, lucas roberts, lumi, lxg, macross, magic knight rayearth, manga, meg giry, meredith & derek, mexico, misa hayase, mkr, movies, nadesico, narnia, neal caffrey, nicky parsons, nokoru, obi-wan kenobi, orlando bloom, patrick jane, phantom of the opera, pride and prejudice, prince caspian, prince caspian/susan, princess maker, psych, ranma, ranma 1/2, ranma/akane, rayearth, reading, rick hunter, robotech, romance novels, saint seiya, sakurasuka, sami brady, shawn spencer, slayers, smallville, souh, star wars, sumeragi, superman, superman returns, supernatural, susan pevensie, susan/caspian, susan/prince caspian, suspian, telmarines, the dark knight, the lake house, the mentalist, the secret garden, the tudors, tom welling, twelve kingdoms, white collar, wolverine, wonder woman, x-1999, x-men
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